The Beast Within 

Dishonored 2 • Dealt with Dr. Alexandria Hypatia • 10G • 46.41% of gamers unlocked this
The achievement description for this doesn’t give much away other than you have to deal with this character fairly early on (Chapter 3) in the game – for reasons that make themselves clear as you play … or not. I understand that it’s part of the narrative, but I’m still unclear how the protagonist works out that Hypatia … well, needs to be ‘dealt with’. I found myself trying to piece it together after I ‘dealt’ with her, and the purpose is clear once it’s scratched off your ‘to do’ list from the mission, but I feel like I am being asked to fill in a narrative gap that I really shouldn’t have to.

Perhaps it’s like the original Destiny and the story is expanded on in extra-curricula activity.

Tonight feels a little more ‘back to normal’ for achievement hunting. Instead of watching our normal episode of The Leftovers or Star Trek, we sat through a great 60 Minutes story on Elon Musk and the work he’s doing in South Australia. This is a gaming blog, so I’ll park that for another forum, but once that was over, I fired up Dishonored 2 in the hope that there might be a level based achievement for each stage – but it seemed like there wasn’t, or I missed the optional side activity that would have triggered the achievement. 

One day I’ll do some better research before I play, when time and inclination allows. 


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