Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking 

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris • Complete the Tomb of the Timekeeper • 20G • 32.31% of gamers unlocked this 

Something a bit different tonight. Once again I’ve found myself a bit time-poor, which is unusual for a Monday night – as I’ve often got an hour or two up my sleeve to make progress on a slow-burn game, but it wasn’t to be tonight. So instead of trying to flog the achievement for doing a headshot while sliding in Dishonored 2, I thought I would dabble in something a bit different, and noting that Lara Croft was in my library – I gave a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders and an equally metaphorical “Why not?” 

I can’t remember whether it was the Temple of Osiris or a sequel (was there a sequel?) which had some complicated controls around throwing spears and juggling the rope and all sorts of tricky acrobatic stuff that the Tomb Raider IP is known for, but I didn’t have much trouble solving this tomb. A few moments where I got stuck – like trying to throw ticking time bombs into the air – were soon resolved with a helpful hint splashed on the screen. And believe me, in the middle of a frustrating puzzle, the nudge in the right direction makes all the difference. 

I’ve spied a couple of other achievements that seem good for a short-notice run so I’ll keep them in the back of my mind for some upcoming time-sensitive days. This weekend, in particular, is shaping up to be a tight turnaround – though I’m planning on using my PC and something from the Windows 10 library if things get really tight. 

In other news, I’m seriously leaning towards being a PC gamer. Just seeing the beautiful hardware at PAX this year has thoroughly inspired me to build a proper unit … so when my bank balance recovers from its thrashing over the weekend, I’ll start spending some time on PC Part Picker and searching for good builds. I’m considering something in this space for next year’s challenge but I just haven’t worked out the finer details. 

I’ll give it some thought – I’m not quite a PCMR’er … not yet. 

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