A Light Snowfall

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Episode 1: “Faith” • 40G • 48.01% of gamers unlocked this 

As you probably guessed, I was quite tired last night, and so after I completely passed out well before midnight, I was, as a result, up a bit earlier than usual and had some time to kill before a 9am meeting. So – being the savvy gamer that I am, I went with some low-hanging fruit and polished off the rest of Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us

I am hearing some glorious, glorious things about some of the most recent games out: Assassins Creed Origins, Wolfenstien II, South Park, to name a few. It’s a good time to be a gamer – perhaps it’d be a better time if I didn’t have to outlay AU$650 on the Xbox Scorpio next week, but hey, for a guy that loves his gaming – why wouldn’t you want the best possible version of something you love? 

With today’s achievement out of the way, I’m not sure if I’ll take another early night or dabble a little in Black Flag. All this talk of Origins is kind of inspiring me to make a bit of a push through my AC backlog. Curse being a PlayStation gamer for most of last generation (and blame Mattrick for not getting me as part of the jump at Xbox One’s launch). 


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