Become a Star

Microsoft Solitaire Collection 2_11_2017 11_26_14 PM

Microsoft Solitaire Collection • Complete an entire pack of challenges in the Star Club • 30G • 10.41% of gamers unlocked this

So, if you wanted a taste of how a tight-turnaround over Christmas/New Years and general holidays is going to look, then look no further than tonight. Here I am, 11.30pm, on my PC knocking out 10 challenges (which is anxiety-inducing on its own) just to pick up 30G for today’s challenge.

My mother is down tonight, and etiquette dictates that it is impolite to sit there and play the Xbox while she has traveled all this way to see the family. I have empathy for people who don’t like games, and don’t want to sit through them. Whenever I hear this viewpoint, then I put myself in the shoes of a Football supporter, and the empathy flows through me.

I’m not entirely sure what the Star Club is on Solitaire, but I know that it’s not yet on iOS Mobile, so it’s possible that this is the main contributor to the low overall completion rate on this achievement. I think it is Microsoft’s effort to insert some paid DLC into the fold, but I haven’t had a full look at it so I make no comment about its quality or ability to provide bang-for-buck. For what it’s worth, I think I’ve had much fun on the basic Solitaire bundle (free), so I think I’m nearly done with it. It’s just these few niggling little achievements to go chase.

I’ll get to them … one day!


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