Been Down So Long…

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag • Complete memory sequence 11 • 20G • 18.07% of gamers unlocked this

I went to my local EB games today to finish paying off my pre-order for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition, so it’s ready to pick up on Tuesday. I am very, very tempted to also pickup a copy of AC Origins while I’m there, but given that my bank account has taken an absolute shellacking as a result of PAX, I probably can’t really justify the expense – despite it being reduced to half-price and all of the juicy Xbox One X enhanced goodness that it means.

So … I’ll probably wait. It will still be enhanced when I eventually get it, and in the meantime I have Black Flag, Unity and even Syndicate to work through. But first thing’s first, and that means (re)finishing Black Flag.

I can’t really remember how much I had progressed through this memory, but this one seemed exceptionally short. It’s quite possible that I had made more progress than I realise, but I don’t know. This memory largely focuses on Edward’s relationship with the Assassins of his time, and they coming to accept him into their … I don’t know what you’d call it … tribe? Tonight was essentially all about killing 20 soldiers then the captain of a stationary ship.

Ah, now I remember. I had to break Mary and her friend out of prison … I think I did that earlier this week. It’s all coming back to me. I did do more of this chapter than I thought I did.

Anyway, I’ll admit I had one failed attempt to kill the captain here. Some sloppy situational awareness resulted in one of the axe-wielding brutes knocking me on my bum and desyncronising, but it was only a fleeting inconvenience, and soon I had this achievement tidied up. The most annoying thing for the end of this chapter was the inability to skip the cutscene. Most I can, it’s just a matter of holding B when the prompt comes up – but not tonight. Perhaps the developers thought this scene crucial to the overall plot. I’m not sure – it didn’t seem to be, and nothing about it seemed to resonate with the time I played through on PS4, so I’ll leave it in the past and move on with my life.

So, that’s today’s achievement. Now I want to pre-empt what’s going to happen tomorrow.

If all goes according to plan, I have an easy achievement in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris that I should be able to quickly grab in the morning – hopefully before anyone wakes up. This will meet my requirements for Saturday, and then later in the evening, after a day of travel, I should be able to write it up.

Sunday is a bit trickier. I’ll still be travelling but I’ll be home at night. I will take my laptop with me and attempt to grab an achievement for the Windows 10 game, Kholat – which I tried today, but, sadly, the old MacBook just isn’t up to the task of contemporary gaming, so there’s a good chance it might have to get held over until late Sunday night. I don’t have any real backup’s for Sunday other than a quick burst from The Wolf Among Us, but it’s something … and something’s better than nothing.

Long story short: Watch this space, this weekend is going to be a tight turnaround!


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