Right to an Attorney 

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 2 • 20G • 45.30% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know why I didn’t just stick with the plan. Yesterday I had a fairly good idea – grab a quick achievement from The Wolf Among Us and get it done. Now, at 11.22pm, I’m rushing to power through an achievement after playing 90 mins of Black Flag without so much as an end in sight to the memory sequence I’m playing.

As I result I have learned two things:

1. Stick to the Plan
2. AC Black Flag most certainly does not have increasingly shorter chapters towards the end.

I am certain of the subjectivity of what I say when I whinge that Black Flag has long chapters. When you’re not hunting achievements, the slow burn of diving shipwrecks, chasing shanties or just killing bad guys is quite the time-sink.

But I’m not. So it’s long. At at the end of the day, I had to pull the pin and load up Wolfy just to meet the deadline. So, where are we up to in our journey through Fable-coloured New York? Well, the start of Episode 2!

I think I totaled about five button presses for the entire first chapter, and was in-and-out in about ten minutes. It pays to know your game library, and the achievements you have within. 

After my weekend with no internet, I’ve grown quite frustrated with the state of Australian internet infrastructure, but I still have two consoles (and a new one on Tuesday!) running on ADSL2 and they’re … surviving. Let’s see how much longer the non-NBN world for gamers will survive. 

Anyway, time for bed. Another day, another dollar. 

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