Showing True Colours

Hue • Change colour for the first time • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 90.7% (Common)

This seems like a good a place as any to both list my November PlayStation Trophy as well as have a bit of a whinge. I’m going to whinge first …

You see, in less than an hour, the Xbox One X is released in Australia, and for the first time in a long while, people have been talking about Microsoft with some reverence. It’s finally here, the box that will wipe away the Mattrick taint from the Xbox brand and try, try to find a foothold in the gaming market. During my afternoon skim of the news, I found this oddly-titled post in the feed of Kotaku Australia.

It’s a mess of an option piece, starting with the argument that Xbox will fail because it’s not people’s ‘default’ system, and then concluding the article with a lengthy diatribe about how hard it is to navigate the Xbox UI. I mean, for a journalist – a games journalist – navigating the UI for one of the main consoles shouldn’t really hold so much weight over how you view the console. Surely not enough to have that much sway over it, anyway.

I’ll admit, I’m a little bias when it comes to console selection. I have good reason, and plenty of evidence I can cite in support of my opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s just that – opinion. I shout into the echo chamber of this blog once a day, but in comparison to Mark Serrels’ piece, my viewer count is way, way down.

The article feels like the “Warning: Contents May Be Hot” of articles. I mean, the Xbox has it right there on the main screen – “My Games and Apps.” My. Games. And. Apps. Did it get through that time? Complaining about how difficult it is compared to PS4 is good evidence to support the popularity of hating Xbox. When people want to pile on – they really do.

So, while the populace is hating Xbox, let’s talk about PlayStation. I’m still hating PlayStation, so I can’t bring myself to do anything on it other than watch Foxtel (the Xbox Foxtel App keeps crashing on us), so instead that business goes to my PS Vita for chasing trophies. A fun little game from this month’s PS+ titles, so I’ve spent some time with it and collected a few trophies.

The game could really do with a mini-map or some sort of navigational aid, but it’s a
small critique in an otherwise fun little title.


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