Just Like Starting Over

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag • Complete memory sequence 12 • 20G • 16.15% of gamers unlocked this

Remember that time I thought I could quickly knock over this memory and then ended up having to do a last minute session on The Wolf Among Us? Well if this sequence taught me anything, it’s that there was no chance I was going to be able to finish it that night – and I feel somewhat relieved I managed to get it over and done with tonight!

There is a particularly tricky free-running-come-jumping puzzle that is necessary in order to position yourself for the final kill needed in this memory sequence, and while a patient gamer could probably knock it over quite quickly, someone who needs a shower and bed (read:me) is prone to rushing and, therefore, making mistakes.

I also should be spending some time playing a game that is lauded as the next big thing to show off the Xbox One X, but you know what? I just want the best possible version of something I love, and use daily and … well, works the best that it can possibly work! I’m still stuck on a children’s-finger-stained-and-scratched 1080p Sony Bravia, so I’m not after great visuals, just good, steady performance, faster loading, and an all-around feel-good console.

For now, that’s exactly what I’m getting.


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