The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 2 • 20G • 42.98% of gamers unlocked this

Remember when I used to think that playing a Telltale game was a ‘quick’ way to earn an achievement? Well, at 8am in the morning and trying to get two kids ready for daycare – yeah, not so quick. Of course, it seems like if you pay better attention to the screen, you can actually shorten the length of time needed to earn the achievement – when the records show that you actually earned two achievements in the morning and you’re running late by 20 minutes simply because you didn’t see the first unlock … yeah. Just Dad Things.

The Wolf story is obviously far more meaty the second time around. Now that you know who the main players are – what their involvement is, and … well, the ‘twist’, you learn what nuggets of information you need to retain and which one’s you don’t. I do know that there’s part of Episode 2 that I need to lookup a guide for, as there’s a missable unlock if you don’t do things in a particular sequence (it unlocks a character in the Book of Fables, which you need to 100% the game). As I say, the second playthrough brings with it knowledge though, so I know roughly where and when I need to open an IGN Wiki or GameFAQ and follow-the-bouncing-ball for that relatively short sequence.

In my non-achievement hunting time, I’m currently onto Season 2 of The Leftovers which has changed its opening sequence to some awful folk titles, and it wasn’t until the second episode that I felt comfortable sticking along for the ride. Frankly, my gaming backlog pales only in comparison to my Netflix and TV backlog, so if something isn’t gripping me right away, it gets dumped. The benefit of having my achievement done so early in the morning is that I can potentially lock in two episodes tonight before bed.

It’s the little things in life that bring the most joy.


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