Valley White clear

Trackmania Turbo • Complete all White Valley maps (Any medal) • 15G • 9.60% of gamers unlocked this

Just a quick one tonight, on account of a fairly full day – including training tonight and two episodes of The Leftovers (and a long overdue shower still needed before bed!). I am somewhat keen to see whether this pace of 20 minutes of gaming in Trackmania can yield an achievement as the levels get progressively harder. Tonight’s last level – Level 20 in the entire game – was perhaps the most insightful (so far) about how complex things can get. So I wouldn’t want to be in a position again where I’d bet the house on it, but while I’m still relatively in the honeymoon period with the game (which I anticipate for a few more levels yet), I’ll take the win.

In other news, I’m just keeping a bit of an eye on what my options are for gaming-on-the-go. I fired up Minecraft on my iPhone today to see whether there was anything – if not immediately achievable, then at least something I could work towards. There’s a not-insignificant chance that I’ll have to head out of town to deal with some family stuff soon, so I’m just making some anticipatory moves. Insert your favourite inspirational quote about being organised here!


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