10 Second Ninja X • Jump off the ship • 25G • 13.39% of gamers unlocked this

Something a bit different tonight. I lashed out and loaded a few of the new and independent games from the Xbox Game Pass onto the console tonight, and, truth be told, I’ve spent more time this evening playing Hue than 10 Second Ninja X – but I’m also working through Hue on the Vita, so I wanted to pick something else to log for tonight’s achievement.

This game is damn hard. I’m sure there is an element of strategy to it that I’m missing – particularly as I struggled to get past one star per level (I had to get at least 16 to even be allowed on the deck of the ship to jump off) – but it was enough to give me pause before bothering with the second wave of levels.

There’s actually quite a few titles from the ID@Xbox program now on Game Pass that I’m keen to explore – so chances are I won’t be making any great effort to get back to 10 Second Ninja, but who knows? Perhaps curiosity will get the better of me, or (more likely) I’ll find a way to earn a quick achievement that I otherwise would have missed.

… But don’t hold your breath.


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