The weight of a feather

Pharaonic • Die for the first time • 10G • 80.42% of gamers unlocked this

Well, I certainly didn’t go back to 10 Second Ninja X, but I did have a quick play of another one of the ID@Xbox titles from Game Pass this morning in Pharaonic.

Obviously this is an achievement that seems to earn itself, and I didn’t actually mean to be killed, but it was a gaming inevitability anyway, so best get it out of the way early. The game itself isn’t particularly complicated – yet. There is obviously some attack, block and parry combinations that I’ll need to master for certain enemies, but by-and-large, the times I died this morning were as a result of my own impatience and unwillingness to simply roll out of the way of danger.

One thing I’ve noticed in my gaming habits over the last few weeks is my intolerance for cut scenes. Unless the story is being told in-game, then I’m pretty liberal with the ‘skip’ button, regardless of the expense it has to my understanding of the game. I don’t think it’s unique to my desire to knock an ‘achievement a day’ on the head – but rather my general lack of free time.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I’m unique in being a busy guy, it’s rather a result of the world we live in. If anything, the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate that we should be able to fit in a small sliver of gaming into our day – Rain, Hail, or Shine – both literal and figurative. The lesson here is for devs: Show, don’t tell. Put the narrative into the story – if I want mindless non-participatory entertainment, I’ll turn on Netflix.


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