In a Blue Moon

Hue • Unlock blue colour • 50G • 26.28% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Hue this morning, simply because the kids were up and I felt like something family friendly. It’s actually quite good to play a family game – much like the LEGO series, they tickle that spot in the Venn diagram of ‘fun’ and ‘challenge’. None of them are The Witness challenging, but just enough to fire a few synapses up.

I’m actually further along on my Xbox playthrough than I am on my Vita, but I’ve switched my Vita back to my other PSN login so it’s unlikely that I’ll get back to it any time soon. I’ve made a cloud save of it if I do want to finish it off – in some strange instance where I abandon my Xbox for my original PS4 – but in either instance it’s not really a game that warrants multiple playthroughs. It’s a good game, and I’m enjoying it, and that’s about it.

Today I have the entire family here at home so we will likely be doing some activity together so as not to waste the day. I had planned on participating in a local running event today, but at about $100+ for my whole family to enter, we collectively decided that would be money better spent elsewhere, particularly before Christmas.

Plus, who needs exercise, right?(!)

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