Build for Success

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition • Completed Mission 2 on any difficulty • 10G • 41.73% of gamers unlocked this

I’m kind of a ‘gamer without a cause’ at the moment, as I flit between games in my library without any rhyme or reason. Tonight’s session in Halo Wars comes purely out of practicality. I sensed that there was an opportunity to grab a quick achievement and I took it. I think it’s fair to say that – while I’m only two levels in – I’m more than likely not planning on grabbing this on PC, which was one of my original plans to ‘bulk up’ my PC collection in anticipation of a console-free holiday season.

Of greater concern is the fact that my Windows 10 has been a little flakey as of late. I’m fairly light-on for iOS achievements (I have ‘a few’ up my sleeve) and while I can’t really blame my 2012 MacBook Pro for wanting me to get something new and shiny, my over-extended budget for the year might mean that I have to consider something more drastic (take my OG Xbox One on holiday you say?).

The journey continues for another day. I may have a little bit of time in the morning for a quick achievement but I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. As I’ve talked about many, many times before, Wednesday nights are always a tight turnaround for me – so if I can opportunistically grab an achievement, I will.


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