Damage Control

Rocket League • Win a Dropshot match via shutout • 50G • 9.29% of gamers unlocked this

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Rocket League, and it looks like there’s been a few changes in the interim. Player Banners, a whole cycling news reel (With Season 4 champions? Where has that time gone?), and what I assume is a new game mode in dropshot (or quite possibly just not discovered until now). Either way, I noticed that there was an achievement for it in earning goals and damaging panels – neither of which seemed particularly hard, and I figured I might be able to earn the goal-based achievement with a few local AI matches, so I created a session and jumped in.

So, from what I can work out, the goal here is to take ‘possession’ of the ball by being the most recent one to touch it, and then have it ‘drop’ onto the other team’s side to first damage, and then destroy, floor panels, allowing the ball to drop through and score a goal. It’s kind of a fun concept, and works well for soccer with cars, but the length of the game doesn’t really allow for quick goals and turnover, so I can’t imagine much in the way of appeal in the multiplayer scene.

I’ve made some progress against those other achievements in the meantime, so expect to see them in the next week or two. I have some fairly hefty work commitments next week, so a small collection of quick achievements is handy right about now.

Just before I turned it off for the night, I grabbed the ’99 Nissan Skyline from the Rocket League store and thought I’d play a quick online game to see how it handled. Of course the game I got into was rumble – and I ended up with some selfish PC player who quit the game with a minute left because we were one goal down.

Ahh, online gaming. Never change.


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