Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain • Increased Mother Base staff to 50 or more personnel • 15G • 54.12% of gamers unlocked this

So, apparently when you Fulcrum Extract a lot – and I do mean a lot – of enemy soldiers and they’re eventually converted into Diamond Dogs, you get yourself a little achievement. I actually finished extracting the interpreter and earning the achievement I was chasing yesterday, but I was called back to Mother Base to learn about upgrading it and to visit the new puppy which I extracted (I assume as part of a scripted stage of the early levels).

Anyway, all those little white balloons with people attached to them seemed to add up quickly, and here we are on the other side of an achievement for the effort. I don’t think it’s unlocked anything necessarily of substance. Most of the upgrades and things that are still to come seem to rely on money and resources, both of which I imagine will come … in time. But it’s progress nontheless.

Now, off to the shops to see how much extra Black Friday money I can burn though(!)

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