Buckminster x10

Rocket League • Damage a total of 320 panels in Dropshot • 75G • 5.98% of gamers unlocked this

I’ve spent a little more time with Rocket League this morning. It’s been really nice getting back into the swing of things actually. My stats currently show a little over 50% win rate, which is probably about right, considering I’ve split my career between PC and console(s), so imagine what it’d be like if I’d actually concentrated on one platform and really spent the time learning the game!

I forgot to take any screenshots of me earning this achievement in Dropshot, because, to be perfectly frank, it’s been the exception of my Rocket League activity for the day. In fact, I earned this achievement early, and from there I just jumped into a few casual online games and stuffed around with the best the internet could match-make me with.

I downloaded a few other games from the Game Pass catalogue last night – family friendly ones that I’d be able to play with the kids around, considering they seem to want to spend more-and-more time watching on what I’m doing on a screen, I figured the few minutes they spend watching me, it’d be better to have a couple of safe titles up-my-sleeve that they could watch, rather than needing to pause the game, set them up with an activity and then sneak back to finish off an achievment. That sounds worse than what it actually is – I spend an awful lot of time with my kids, and I love gaming with them as well – but if I’m needing to get an achievement that has some ‘adult themes’ associated with it, I’d rather do it when they’re in bed, or otherwise preoccupied.

In other gaming news, I’ve been spending a bit of time on my PC this weekend, just testing the waters for what I could do to get it ‘gamer ready.’ I’ve grabbed a couple of good build guides from PC Part Picker, and printed a pricelist from MSY and I think I’ve pretty much settled on what I want (though I might change my mind a few times about what I decide when it comes to a Video Card – the element that holds it all together), but now it will just be a case of having the time, money and inclination to bring it all together. The delicious temptation of online shopping also calls to me, particularly when I can save $20 per piece of hardware – it adds up!

I think once I’ve finished this challenge, it would be good to invest more time in PC gaming. I’ve been trying to play Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation and I’m just so bitter with Sony for their below-par service that I can’t absorb any joy from the experience. I love my Xbox, and I suspect that there’ll be more and more chances to bridge the Xbox-PC Gaming divide going forward, particularly under Phil Spencer’s leadership – while still giving me capability to access almost every game imaginable thanks to Steam, GOG and even DRM-free downloads from my years’ worth of Humble Bundles.

But again – time, money and inclination are all hard task masters.


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