Full Course

Rocket League • Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot • 50G • 3.77% of gamers unlocked this

The journey continues for me and my Santa-hatted little ’99 Nissan as we work our way through some Rocket League achievements. What is astounding about this latest batch is actually how much GS has been attached to them! I mean … 50G just this morning, for an achievement that I have essentially farmed on single player exhibition matches since the weekend? Yes please!

I have the ’30 goals or assists’ lined up as well, which is probably only one or two matches away from being collected (touch wood), but I was a bit time poor this morning and have no chance of getting that much time on the console tonight so I thought best not to chance it. Even if I do get on tonight I think there’ll be some other stuff to work through from some of the Xbox 360 games I downloaded on Game Pass, or my Diablo III season, or Destiny 2, or … everything else.

I have found myself slowly starting to pick up the pace on some of my non-gaming writing over the past few days. I spent some time on my thesis today, which has been left dormant for much of 2017, which I think has been helped along by writing this blog. The motivation to do a ‘bit of writing’ every day is conducive to the completion of my thesis, and while the substance of it might not be publication-ready, it’s still more work than I’ve done on it for a long, long time.


In other gaming news, I’ve actually been enjoying a spot of PC gaming over the past few days – and I’ve started a session of Stardew Valley on PC, which I know has an Xbox equivalent, but I’m so confused about how to actually play the game that a session on PC won’t do me any harm. If anything, it might let me experiment enough so that I can be good on console and earn a few achievements – though none of them look particularly ‘quick and easy’, so I don’t know if this is a game for me yet or not. It might be more of a slow burn, and something better suited to a few nights away on a business trip or something. Next year, once this challenge is ostensibly ‘over’ perhaps.

Importantly, I think it’s worth mentioning why I went with Stardew Valley. During this week’s Major Nelson Radio Podcast, Laura Massey suggested Stardew Valley as a good ‘unwinding’ game, and in the ongoing effort to improve both my physical and mental health – I thought this sounded like a good outlet. Of course, when I started playing it, the frustration crept in, and naturally I looked at the achievement list to see what I could grab as part of my playthrough (catching five different types of fish sounds easy until you start!), so that ‘unwind’ which I was looking for is probably still a little way off yet. Old habits die hard I suppose.

I’m leaving from work at 5pm for a 5.30pm meeting so there’s a fairly tight turnaround today – so I best wrap things up here in the office and get started preparing for the next few days. We have a reasonably large cohort of managers coming into town this week for a large two day workshop, so I suspect that I might have to earn that other Rocket League trophy on one of those days or find some other ‘low hanging fruit’.

But I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

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