A Little Ambition

Dead Rising 3 • Purchased one Attribute • 5G • 63.41% of gamers unlocked this

My journey through titles that are a bit different than what I normally play continues today, with a short session on Dead Rising 3 to kick off the morning. I’m not sure if the game is supposed to be quite as hack-and-slash as I’ve been playing it, but it has, thus far (noting I’m only one chapter in), been effective.

Today’s achievement is fairly simple – spend your attribute point(s). I’ve typically always banked points in health and armour, so I put my first point in the ‘Life’ category, but I’ll investigate the other options in a little more detail as my XP builds. There seems to be lots of upgrade opportunities, so I suspect that there’s bigger, badder zombies who drop better XP, but I can’t be sure. Perhaps it’s just a slow burn.

The game itself is fairly straightforward, particularly if you’ve been playing things like Resident Evil for as many years as I have (I think the game may even have a Capcom connection). It’s a game that probably would have been more enjoyable if the concept of the first two had been baked-in, rather than just left as an expectation for players. But it’s a minor quibble, and I don’t have capacity for minor quibbles right now.


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