Into the Limelight

Hue • Unlock lime colour • 50G • 20.81% of gamers unlocked this

Wow, Hue gets quite tricky towards the end-game. The addition of laser or beams or whatever they are certainly has given me the most pause in trying to finish the game, and I think there’s probably a bit of a simultaneous mental and physical interaction (hand-eye coordination) needed in some parts. Perhaps when I was a ‘touch’ younger I might have had the stamina to work out these puzzles quicker. Either that or it’s just this level of tricky for everyone. Don’t get me wrong – Hue is a good accessible game. Nothing is impossible – it just takes a little bit of time, the same as most puzzle games I suspect.

I’ve made it to what appears to be ‘The University’ which I thought might trigger a cutscene and simply be ‘The End’ but it turns out there’s a whole new layer of complexity to work with here, and ‘ooze’ which changes the colour of moveable blocks. It’s nearly 11pm so I’m going to tap out and try and finish the game (and a sweet 200G!) later this week. At least I’ve collected the Lime, and the last of the colours tonight. A good chance to do a walk through the rest of the levels and grab the collectables as well – inclination permitting.

First thing’s first. Finish the game.

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