N+ • Complete one tutorial episode • 5G • 9.06% of gamers unlocked this

Boy … I’m not sure where the stats are being pulled from, but a rare achievement for possibly the easiest thing to do in an Xbox 360 game? Downright bizarre.

Fate was working very very hard against me earning an achievement today. I think I spent the better part of three hours working on missions in Metal Gear Solid V without so much as a progress achievement – unsurprising considering it’s supposed to be a mammoth game on its own – and then my son felt like a spot of Star Wars Battlefront this afternoon, so I thought one game of Survival should see me earn some clean-up achievement that I hadn’t managed to get the first time around, right before the game locked up on me around Wave 11 of 15. I was inwardly so angry I deleted the entire game off my hard drive, but I suppose now I’ll have to add it back because deep down I know that I want this achievement on my profile.

With the evening dragging on, I fired up one of the Game Pass games in the collection, N+ (I think the N is for Ninja), and worked my way firstly through the tutorial, and then through perhaps the first fifteen levels in order to see what over achievements I could unlock. I only really earned one for not dying during an episode, but that seems inevitable in the course of gameplay anyway. Perhaps what I like about this is its echoes of the original Lode Runner. Simplistic running, jumping, solving timing puzzles, it could easily have been the contemporary Lode Runner and been nonethewiser – though I suppose Lode Runner was more about ladders and holes and less about wild time-bending jumps.

The next reactivated Elusive Target in Hitman has started so I wouldn’t mind having a go at that tonight or tomorrow. I still think this is a missed opportunity to have one of those ‘timed’ 0G achievements like that zombie game (I think it was State of Decay) had. When I rule the achievement fiefdom I’ll make sure they’re mandatory.

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