Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) • Nuna safely returned to her village • 50G • 73.21% of gamers unlocked this

Note – 6 December: Thanks to WordPress version control – the old version of the 4 December blog post which I -did- draft was safely stored on the system and was able to be restored. The lament from the start of this entry was subsequently, and thankfully, short-lived!

I am kicking myself about yesterday's blog entry. I could have sworn I wrote a fairly brief but nonetheless summative blog post for my daily achievement, but it seems like it's either published and I've overwritten it with my subsequent entry (I'm not sure if WordPress has version control but I'll investigate this when I get to a PC), or there's been some error in starting the entry on one device and then finishing it on another.

Of course, there is a not-insignificant chance that I've just cocked it up and left a blank draft sitting on my phone, and a whole new blog post unpublished somewhere else. I am, sadly, a flawed human and these things happen. That being said, this isn't (a) my first 'failure' or (b) my first technical glitch. For instance, even though this blog is set to GMT+10, and I absolutely do my posts between 12.01am and 11.59pm on the day I earn the achievement, somehow the dates on my blog either duplicate or set themselves as what I assume is GMT+0, meaning those nights where I log an achievement late in the night and then early in the morning come across with the wrong date.

Welcome to the embodiment of first world problems.

Anyway, putting that all aside, tonight I started playing some WWE2K16 to see if there was a quick achievement to be had there, but it seems that I have already gone and created a character in-game and earned what would ostensibly be the ‘low hanging fruit’ of achievements. With that in mind, and the hour growing late, I turned to my library to see what else was possible. Sure enough, Never Alone – something I thoroughly enjoyed on PC, but would definitely benefit from a controller – was there and ready for a quick half-hour of experimentation.

It’s surprising how quick you can earn 150G in this game. I think just getting from the start of the game to the village – all what essentially ‘tutorial’ levels – got me the 150G in about 20 minutes. I’m hoping some muscle memory kicks in and I’ll be able to fly through some of the other puzzles over the next week, that is if I can’t find some time to work through some more MGS5.

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