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Mini Metro • Deliver 200 passengers in London

A few weeks ago during the Black Friday Sale at EB Games, I managed to score myself a Steam Link + $20 Steam Credit for $28, so – really – how can you pass that up? The problem is, I’m not entirely sure how to get it going … I think it can work on wi-fi, but it could very well need to be hard-wired in … but to cut a long story short – I don’t know.

So, while experimenting – I started working on my Linux PC out the back (also another possible culprit towards the Steam Link not working), and because I’m a shallow man with a short attention span – one thing led to another, and next thing you know – I’m waist-deep into a game of Mini Metro.

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I’d heard quite a bit about Mini Metro from Major Nelson‘s podcast – which seems to be far more open about platforms ‘other’ than Xbox these days, and between two of the hosts, Larry and Laura, both seem to be fairly enthusiastic about the game. I have to say – after having a go myself, I can see the appeal.

I managed to earn the achievements for successfully delivering 200 passengers on both the London and the Paris maps, but after that it becomes increasingly complicated. In what starts as simple Triangle, Circle and Square Passengers soon becomes a glut of shapes, and increasingly difficult bodies of water that need crossing (with only limited tunnels). I think once there’s a fairly good rhythm to be had here. It’s almost cathartic … that is if you don’t have two small children wanting to participate as well (who knew that the ‘Red Line’ was far more desirable than the ‘Yellow Line’?).

The other thing that I did before I dragged myself away from the screen today was to have a go at the daily challenge. It was essentially just the Paris map (I think I earned the Paris achievement while I was doing the daily challenge), but I think it adds a delightful element of replayability to this simple little game.


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