Score Attack (10 Minutes)

PAC-MAN CE DX+ • Play Score Attack (5 Minutes) until the very end! • 10G • 51.11% of gamers unlocked this

No surprises here. At about 11.49pm last night, I decided ‘why not’, and waited for a little while until it was decisively after the cut-off of ten-minutes-to-midnight, and then started my Score Attack run of PAC-MAN. Turns out I didn’t really need to wait, as I stuffed up my first playthrough anyway, so it was closer to twenty minutes past by the time I ended up finishing. Turns out slow and steady is the key … I even tried to cheat the system by having PAC-MAN just do laps of the map, staying in one lane and then letting the little ghosts chase him, but it seems like the game was too smart for me. That lasted about 90 seconds of the ten minutes, before one of the ghosts went rogue, stopped following me and then flanked me – ending what I thought would be a quick-and-dirty solution.

Elsewhere, I’ve been doing some hardware stuff with my Linux PC, which then ended up with a bit of a session playing Mini Metro, which I collected some thoughts earlier today. Right now though, the kids and I have escaped the house for a day out-and-about (Mum did Night Shift last night). I’m giving not-inconsequential consideration to going and throwing money at my local hardware shop and getting my proper gaming PC going, but the pre-Christmas bank balance needs to be somewhat controlled, so I’m hovering in the space between being a responsible adult and … well, myself.

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