Unidentified Flocking Object

FLOCK! • Abduct 20 Animals (Aggregate Total) • 10G • 40.65% of gamers unlocked this

Ugh. Another Xbox game that has DIFFICULTY REIGNING IN ITS RAMPANT USE OF CAPITALS. Note I have taken some extreme liberties with the post title and the description for this entry – in fact, everything about FLOCK! is in CAPITALS across the Xbox network, and I’m not entirely sure why – but I suspect it has to do with a very excited developer or too much caffeine in the Proper Games office.

If I’m perfectly honest, I had no real intention of playing this game. It was something that I downloaded as part of grabbing a few ‘family friendly’ games for the console for whenever the kids wanted to stuff around on there, but, sure enough, my son decided to play the game once while we were both logged in, and as a result – I had the disgusting blemish on my Xbox profile of a 0G game.

This is probably one of the only early achievements available in the game, and it pops around Level 2 or 3, once you’ve corralled 20 sheep into your UFO. It’s not a particularly challenging achievement, but it’s also not particularly fun either. It’s just … a game. I guess when I’m in the mix of playing beauties such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Metal Gear Solid V, going back to a little puzzler is an unfair comparison, but life is full of subjectivity and these are my thoughts, so I’ll write whatever I darn well want to!

I’ll be honest. These games can be fun, when played in the right environment. A lazy Sunday afternoon with my son on the couch with the rain outside would probably make for better circumstances to enjoy FLOCK!, cf. a quick game before cooking the kids breakfast and rushing out the door to work with a half-eaten piece of toast in my hand. Still, I have some evening work commitments, so I’m glad I got the achievement out of the way early – I do like having my self-imposed barriers out of the way before I get too ‘loose.’


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