Hammer and Anvil

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide • Unlock the Forge • 10G • 37.72% of gamers unlocked this

Ugh, people. People. I didn’t realise that Vermintide was going to be a multiplayer affair, so when I had to sit through a matchmaking screen and then ultimately play with random people, you’ll excuse me if I come across as less-than-impressed. It’s quite possible that there is a way to solo Vermintide, and that this is just the ‘preferred’ model, but if the game doesn’t scale for solo players then … well, I’m stuffed.

I actually performed pretty well when compared with the rest of the group, but I still had a couple of deaths and needed to be revived. I’m not sure how that’d work with a one-piece band, but I guess that part of the challenge – much the same as doing a Destiny strike solo, or worse, a raid.

More importantly, tonight is a night where I’ve had to reach out to Microsoft Support (even though they say they can’t help me) to deal with an account suspension! I’m still able to play and earn achievements and the like, but – for now anyway – I can’t look at other people’s profiles. Not that I really do that anyway, do you know whose profile this warning popped up on? Yup, mine.

Being the intrepid journalist that I am, I headed to the Xbox enforcement page to see if I could glean any insights. For all I knew, my only questionable online behaviour came from getting a little bit frustrated playing Rocket League with … well, stupid people. But I’m never mic’d up, there was no rage quitting, I never showed bad sportsmanship, just simply internalised the frustration and got on with my life. Kind of like any other day in the office really!

Sure enough, my investigation proved right. No complaints against my profile – zero. And rightly so, in the cesspool that is online gaming, I pride myself as being a beacon of the community. I sent a Tweet out to Xbox and Mike Ybarra in the hope of getting some traction, but I suspect that this will rectify itself fairly quickly anyway. Nothing like a few gremlins in the system.

In the meantime – there’s another Hitman Elusive Target with my name on it. Then I’m pretty much into the mix of old targets that I’ve already killed/missed. A quick session before bed I think.


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