The Wireframe Web Expands

Child of Eden • Cleared the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode • 30G • 37.16% of gamers unlocked this

When it doesn’t rain, it pours. I have two sick children, one of them with a particularly nasty virus keeping her up all night, a chesty cough myself, a full calendar of client Christmas tasks right before an enforced holiday (working for myself means no work, no pay), and no idea what to get the people who I have to buy presents for.

In the meantime, there’s gaming. The particular pressures on my evening suggested that there wasn’t really much time to grind away at a larger title, so I started Child of Eden in the hope of a few tutorial achievements. Well, I got them, as well as what appears to be the achievement for finishing the game – so I don’t know if this is genuinely ‘the end’ (ie. are there more ‘levels’?) or if the intent now is that I go back and do the same levels again and again on harder difficulty. Who knows? It’s not particularly high on my to-do list, even less so now that I’ve effectively earned a completion achievement, but it did the job for today at a time when I really needed a quickie, and for that I thank it.

I understand that this game has some appeal with the original Xbox and Kinect, so I’m not really sure how that worked, but the normal controller did the job for me. Really, it was a matter of aiming and hitting the A button a whole lot. Perfect for an 11pm ‘I need an achievement, stat’ kind of night.

To be honest, we’re in the thick of Christmas. That’s exactly the kind of night I need.


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