Pork Chop

Minecraft PE: iOS • Cook and eat a pork chop • 10G • 6.54% of gamers unlocked this

I forgot that I sat up after midnight last night and played around a bit with Minecraft. My mind is so frazzled with the holiday season that sometimes these things just drift effortlessly out of my head. Tonight my mother is coming to stay for a few pre-Christmas days, so I figured my gaming time will be a bit limited tonight, so instead I turned on the Xbox around 7.30am and tried to score a quick achievement from:

Child of Eden. Turns out there are more levels. Also turns out I’m not very good at them under pressure. After two deaths towards what appeared to be the end of the level, I bailed.

The Wolf Among Us. I thought maybe there was a short chapter or cutscene-heavy section I could work through, but the game loaded on a chapter that required me to actively control Bigby, so that got sidelined fairly quickly.

Slime Rancher. I had remembered Major Nelson talking about an achievement for simply jumping off the cliff behind the ranch, but I tried that twice to no avail. I then went running to see if I could get one of the unlockable areas to trigger an achievement, and despite stumbling across some very new landscapes from my Rancher experience, none of them were obviously enough to trigger the achievement.

I left home a bit dejected and figured I’d have to find some way to squeeze in some Telltale time tonight, but I remembered this one on the walk into the office, and so, I’m likely left with this one for the day. A game so underplayed that one of the most basic achievements only has a six percent earn rate.

There is a small chance that I’ll get some TV time this evening, but to be honest, I’m battling through a head cold that I’ve most likely caught from my kids, so it would be kind of nice to call it a day. We’ll see how I feel tonight.

Thank God for iOS Xbox Games.


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