Forged In Fire

Marlow Briggs • Defeat the Fire boss • 15G • 29.03% of gamers unlocked this

Another day where images aren’t saving correctly from the Xbox App, so apologies for the less-than-sensational captures today. I don’t anticipate Microsoft fixing this overnight, but I will try and make an effort to save some of the images from or at least take them from iCloud (can save to files fine, just can’t upload them to WordPress from there).

Now that I’ve finished swimming in my first world problems …

This is not what I expected from this game. I genuinely, genuinely thought that this was a game about a boxer, and I simply hadn’t heard the name ‘Marlow Briggs’ before. Turns out he’s actually an undead tribal warrior taking it to an Asian Organised Crime – slash – Mining Magnate and his lackeys … with a big scythe – and as we all know, scythe’s make everything cool.

I actually really dig the aesthetic of this game. Considering it was so far away from my (admittedly low) expectations, it’s really grown on me. I’d like to try and get another achievement on this tomorrow if time will allow, but I don’t doubt I’ll be back here with a Marlow Briggs achievement before you know it.


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