Train Ride

Marlow Briggs • Survive train-cart ride • 10G • 15.68% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Marlow Briggs today. I was hoping I might finally tidy up one of my Star Wars Battlefront (the original reboot) achievements today, considering the new Xbox UI insists on reminding me how close I am to earning it, seemingly not realising that the game kept freezing on me during that particular mission and I uninstalled it in frustration. Of course, I can’t really blame the machine – I also forgot that I’d uninstalled it, so while I waited for it to come back down the internet pipeline, I went back to the jungle and took my Terry Crews rip-off for a few spins of the scythe.

This level is exactly as it sounds – action on rails, both literally and figuratively. My kids have both had a long week and are tired and ready for bed, so I was kind of glad this achievement came around to completion at the same time they were having their dinner. Hopefully between Briggs, bandwidth and bedtime, there might – might – be able to squeeze some Battlefront in.

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