Smash and Grab

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 23_12_2017 8_52_34 PM

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition • Completed Mission 3 on any difficulty • 10G • 35.79% of gamers unlocked this

I have a slight sense of relief that I have a viable achievement-earning option while I’m on this enforced holiday season, away from my beloved console. I had figured that I have about two days worth of backup achievements on my mobile, but if I can utilise some power from my 2012 laptop to knock some achievements on-the-head.

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 23_12_2017 9_06_13 PM

I promised yesterday that I’d expand on my achievement saga, but because it’s Christmas I’ll save everyone’s time and energy and just boil it down to this: Star Wars Battlefront (the reboot) has glitched achievements. It’s a bit similar to the errors that are common with both Destiny and Destiny 2, which can be corrected with a simple log in-and-out … not so with Battlefront. Re-booting, Switching profiles, trying new levels, nothing. Even the internet yielded little help (and I’m still confused whether it’s a developer or an Xbox issue). Net result: I spent 45 minutes that I didn’t really have trying to get an achievement that I had finally earned to unlock. I couldn’t and it didn’t. Thank God for PAC-MAN.

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 23_12_2017 8_52_47 PM

One of the perks that I did enjoy tonight was the ease by which I could take a screenshot and upload it. Pfft, Xbox App – who needs ya?

The next week will likely have a bit of a focus on Halo Wars, so strap yourself in for a festive journey. Ho, ho, ho.


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