Patience IS a Virtue

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 24_12_2017 11_54_45 PMHalo Wars: Definitive Edition • Completed Mission 5 on any difficulty • 10G • 24.88% of gamers unlocked this

Merry Christmas! Finally we’ve reached the one day in the year where I genuinely thought I was going to run into problems, but as it turns out – I’ve had more difficulty getting my screenshots onto this post than I did actually earning an achievement.

About 11.50pm last night, after a few cat naps throughout the day, I decided to start the next Halo Wars level in anticipation of it finishing after – at least – ten minutes. Sure enough, it was about a 20-30 minute mission (which I thought I’d failed the first time around) but it seems like I managed to hang in there just enough for a bunch of Spartans to swoop in and save the day! I’m not sure how that worked as a narrative mechanic, but in the middle of the night, half asleep, I was thankful. So thankful that I pretty much turned the computer off and went straight to sleep (philosophically speaking … the kids had a bit of a sleepless night which meant I didn’t actually get to climb between the sheets until 3.30am but that’s another story). Finding time to write is fairly easy – it’s Christmas, everybody retreats late in the afternoon anyway, so it’s less about the effort, more the capability. Sitting quietly on a chair to write some words on a blog in the sun? No problem. Pulling out your MacBook, dual-booting to Windows, finding your screenshots to upload to WordPress and then starting to write? A little less socially acceptable.

I’ve spent much of my day quietly pining for gaming gear, but really, nobody on either side of the family really wants to indulge my hobby. I’ve managed to score a nice new band for my Apple Watch and a bike rack and a few pairs of socks, but nothing that particularly encourages me to spend more time on the couch or in front of a computer so (insert shrug here). By the same token, I wouldn’t expect any of my family to know which graphics card to get me or the difference between an AMD and an intel chipset.

No friends, in this struggle I am all alone. My only hope is that I can keep involving my kids in my PC builds and hope that I can get one of them to show interest.

Time will tell …

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