My Virtual Friends Love Me

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 27_12_2017 9_40_23 AM

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition • Won a 3v3 Skirmish game with 2 AI Allies • 10G • 14.23% of gamers unlocked this

Back onto the Halo Wars this morning, but after about twenty minutes I had to abandon the campaign mission (it probably requires a more concerted, focussed effort that’s hard to deliver mid-morning when you’re away from your home base). Instead, I did a skim of the achievement list to see what was possible, and it looked like a custom 3v3 match with AI allies was the low hanging fruit that I needed for the day.

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 27_12_2017 8_10_22 AM

More excitingly, today is actually my last full day away from home. I have done it! A week away from home and I’ve successfully managed to keep-pace with my challenge. Thank you to Xbox for giving some options to us poor folk who don’t travel with a console.

Halo Wars_ Definitive Edition 27_12_2017 9_49_10 AM

The 3v3 match that I played was, expectedly, short lived. To be honest, it’s actually one of my favourite ways to play an RTS … I’ve had many a session of Company of Heroes killing Rookie-level Nazi’s as my Veteran Allies and I roll through the trenches. I’d be interested in learning a bit more about Halo Wars as an esport to be honest, but I suspect it’s not quite hitting the same stride as contemporary MOBAs.

Anyway, I suspect that this will probably be the last time I play for a bit – certainly on PC. I’m looking forward to a night in front of the console tomorrow night. I’ve enjoyed my time with Halo Wars. I may get back to it on console and see how it plays, but I feel like it thrives on PC. Halo Wars 2, using its ‘card’ mechanic feels decisively more console-friendly, but – to be honest – if I’m in front of the console, I’m rarely looking for an RTS. Stranger things have happened …


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