Two Down!

Skylanders Imaginators • Complete Mushroom River on any difficulty • 10G • 63.08% of gamers unlocked this

I’m not sure why, but I had some optimistic outlook on the Xbox iPhone App letting me save captures again, but alas, I’m still crashing. Nonetheless, the show must go on – and today it does so courtesy of my son’s present from Santa, the incredibly cathartic latest instalment from the Skylanders IP.

Mushroom River is essentially Level 2 of the entire game, and if you want some sense as to its complexity, know that my four year old son was able to successfully complete the level by himself today, asking for help only once (and then he was able to solve that particular puzzle on his own without needing me to touch a controller).

Yes, it was a proud Dad moment. My little boy is earning his own achievements properly!

Today has actually been a fairly game-free day. I’ve built a swing set (another present from Santa), built an outdoor setting (a present to ourselves, from ourselves) and picked up my new Google Home on the other side of town (missed a delivery yesterday), so other than a brief stint completing this level this morning, I haven’t touched a console or a PC since!

Give it another hour and I’ll start having withdrawals.


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