Yeti Catcher

Overwatch: Origins Edition • Trap the Yeti as a Hunter in Yeti Hunter • 15G • 7.22% of gamers unlocked this

This is technically a ‘freebie’ achievement tonight, but I was so pleased to earn both this one and the ‘Thinking with Your Stomach’ achievements for the Overwatch 2017 Winter Special Event that I felt like documenting it.

Blizzard kick off the warm and fuzzy feeling with five free loot boxes just for signing in. Given the recent controversy, I suppose it’s as much a good PR gesture as anything else – but Blizzard are also known as good citizens as well (full disclosure: I have investments in Activision Blizzard, and they’re currently down on what I paid for them), so it’s not all together unsurprising. It’s also not a bad gesture to get people in the spirit for the upcoming Overwatch League, get that appetite for digital goodies growing.

Of the Winter event, there’s a game which is essentially Evolve, in that it’s a 5v1 game of Mei’s hunting a Winston Yeti. It’s surprisingly good fun (unlike Evolve), which is what happens I guess when Blizzard take a concept that’s good on paper but bad in practice, and then, well, fix it.

The Yeti trap is essentially Mei’s super power so once you get to 100% you get one trap to lay down. I think the idea is that you set it somewhere near the Yeti food, but I just dropped mine as soon as I got it, and fortuitously the Yeti walked right into it and my achievement came gliding into my open arms.

The second achievement required me to eat four pieces of meat while playing as the Yeti, which isn’t hard considering it’s seemingly the whole object of playing as the Yeti, and most players should be able to earn this at least once.

I’m glad I wandered back into Overwatch tonight. Truth be told, I was just going to find a random game with casuals and play a bit of Mercy, but I’m glad I broadened my horizons and went with the Yeti Hunt. It might not make me feel any extra festive, but it does make me smile a little – and that’s what the whole damn holiday season should be about.

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