DiRT Rally • Bought a Rally car • 6G • 57.71% of gamers unlocked this

How is it, that the very first thing you need to do in the actual game – buy a car – only has a completion rate of 57%? How does that happen? Are people literally turning the game on, seeing the selection of three cars at the menu and saying: “Nah, mate. Not for me.”, before they turn off the disc, burn it, scatter the ashes and never touch the game again? How. Does. It. Happen?

It’s interesting that only 19 of my friends have played DiRT Rally, and probably even more telling, that the top ones from this list are all hardcore Microsoft marketing, advocacy or Xbox people. Ellen Rose, Major Nelson, Phil Spencer, etc. Everyone who would seemingly be obliged to play it. I don’t know why – rally games have been some of my favourite racing games to play over the years, and this one does it pretty well. I like the navigator AI, which continues to improve each racing game I play, and the graphics here are pretty solid. I’ve loved the DiRT series since it was originally prefixed with Colin McCrae‘s name, and this is a solid an entry as any I’ve seen.

Plus, it’s a shiny single-digit achievement as well … which looks great at the end of my gamerscore!

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