Caribou Feet

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) • Nuna and Fox restored what once was • 150G • 27.55% of gamers unlocked this

Well this was a surprising completion tonight. I thought that there was a lot more to come in Never Alone, but to be honest I think it’s excellent pacing put it on-track for a solid finish. My Xbox stats say this took me about five hours through to completion – which is about right for a game like this. I have to say, this is an incredibly well designed indie game though – it feels quality. Look, I’m not about to rush out and tell people to buy it – I enjoyed it, I grabbed it on sale and I think if you have the time and inclination you should absolutely play it – but at the same time if you have the latest AAA in front of you or a game with a compelling narrative, I’d be hard pressed to recommend this over any of them.

I think the native Alaskans who drive this story, the Iñupiat, would be very proud of its representation of its parables, but some additional context would probably be useful. The kind they teach in school. While much of my upbringing focused on local Australian history (with indigenous Australian history receiving various mileage in the curriculum), I suspect Americans, or specifically Alaskans, would be educated more broadly about the culture and rituals of the Iñupiat.

Or not. One can only assume Sarah Palin didn’t turn out the way she did after school.

There’s still the accompanying DLC, Fox Tales, to go with this game, so it may not be the last achievement you see from this game this year. Tomorrow is a busy day and I’ll need a quick achievement or two in the morning … this could suffice.

Watch this space.


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