Road Scholar

Skylanders Imaginators • Complete Scholarville on any difficulty • 10G • 56.53% of gamers unlocked this

Ah, good old Skylanders. The game for kids that I secretly find quite cathartic and enjoy myself. Not to mention my love of spending money on frivilous stuff like Skylanders toys … so really, it’s a match made in heaven.

I actually earned a few achievements while playing this level this morning, but I’ve elected to choose the progress achievement for simple posterity’s sake. It’s good for me to be able to explain where I am up to in a game without needing to go into too much onerous detail for people who have already played it.

No, more importantly, I want to highlight the fact that I’m playing as Crash Bandicoot on Xbox.

For all of Crash’s renewed fame in the last twelve months, spurred on by his special guest appearance in a certain other platform-exclusive AAA game (keeping it spoiler free, but think along developer lines), it feels kind of rebellious to play Crash on the Xbox.

And before you start, I know he’s not Sony’s pet, but let me have my moment.

What I have been enjoying lately is my son’s progress on Skylanders. The kid isn’t even at school yet, and already he is blitzing through levels on his own. He’s already well past where I’m up to, so part of me also feels like I’m obliged to ‘catch up.’ One thing I’ve noticed about Imaginators though, is that it doesn’t seem to let two seperate accounts log on and earn achievements. From what I’ve experienced, Player Two is there merely as an extension, and not an entity unto themselves. I have to say, this does take the appeal of playing with the kids away ‘a bit’, but because I’m an adult and it’s not socially acceptable to throw a hissy fit, I’ll suck it up and do it anyway.

After a late night yesterday to get to the end of Never Alone, I think I’m going to counter that with an early one tonight. It’s also a training night – the first one of the year – so assuming I haven’t emptied my stomach by the end of it, I suspect that it’ll be a feed and bed almost straight away.

And you know what? It’s 2018 … I’m OK with that.

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