Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Escape Castle Wolfenstein • 20G • 52.48% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know why I recessed the Wolfy prequel from my gaming lineup. I mean, I do know, I did it because the achievements seemed to take a concerted effort and they weren’t ‘quick wins’, but over the past couple of nights I’ve actually been unlocking them at a fairly steady pace.

While escaping Castle Wolfenstein is a great canonical feat, and the reason I chose it as today’s achievement, it’s still not quite as much fun as …

… the nightmare levels! Man these tickle my nostalgia bones, and I’m a borderline emotionless sociopath, so believe me, Bethesda has gone and done good. I didn’t get a chance to find one tonight (this screenshot is from last night’s gameplay), but there’s a not-insignificant chance I might use level select to go tidy a few of these up before I lock Wolfy Old Blood away for good.

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