Black Belt

Skylanders Imaginators • Level up any Sensei to level 20 • 50G • 24.45% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Skylanders today. The leveling up process of your individual characters largely happens as a quick flash on the bottom of the screen with a voiceover that gets lost in the melee, so I wasn’t really paying attention to it – but it’s a nice psychological barrier to overcome nonetheless.

The Skylander in question? Unsurprisingly, it was Crash Bandicoot. I’m not sure if the level is attached to the RFID on the toy itself or the game, but I’ve been using him fairly exclusively both on my game and when I play with my son – so if those combined efforts lead to a higher level then that’s some A+ game/toy design.

I had actually planned on playing a bit of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, today, but I’m not sure if there’s a failure of the game files on my HDD or the download itself (or the server, the games got pulled recently) but I couldn’t get past the first loading screen after several attempts, and my attention span borders that of a goldfish, so it was back to Skylanders instead.

Today is a welcome retreat back to normal temperatures, so we might spend some family time outdoors today. My wife seriously needs to break-in her bum for riding bikes and I think it’s good to have the kids used to going for outdoors-y trips on weekends as well. At least, I’m sure that’s what the likes of Mamamia would tell me anyway (deliberately no link – the last thing I want to be responsible for is directing clicks to that filth).


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