Unstoppable Force

Injustice: Gods Among Us • Win a Clash sequence with any character • 10G • 72.10% of gamers unlocked this

Back in the day, I used to have a weekly get together with a few military guys and play some King of the Hill in Injustice on the PlayStation 4. I remember being coached by a Navy lad about how best to master a character, in my case I went with my favourite villain, Deathstroke, and after a quick check of the move list, it all came back to me fairly quickly. That being said, Deathstroke is a pretty good character for beginners, he has a nice combination of close quarters (sword) and distance (guns) attacks, so once you know a few of the moves you can generally keep the attack up on your opponent until the end. The only problem results from when you end up giving the opponent enough points to trigger their special move, but it’s often an inevitability anyway when you’re playing a match – so it’s more a case of ‘suck it up’ than trying to avoid it.

The achievement I selected today is for one of the game mechanics, the ‘clash’, which somehow involves wagering your power bar against the other player, and – if I’m perfectly honest – I’m still not entirely sure how it works. I just bet the maximum power I have (with Deathstroke, I tend to have enough moves up my sleeve to come back with anyway) and hope for the best. The reason for my confusion is that I’ve almost always used that approach, and it’s 50-50 whether I win the encounter or not.

Anyway, this morning I won.

There’s a few low-hanging fruit (achievements) to be obtained in Injustice, and I’m quite keen to get stuck into it, so I’m not sure if I’ll pace myself with this one or just throw myself in head first and – if I’m lucky – I might be able to pluck an achievement or two out of the game during the week to use here. Time will tell.


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