Injustice: Gods Among Us • Reach Level 10 • 10G • 64.96% of gamers unlocked this

If it’s possible – I’ve actually earned this achievement twice tonight. It seems that when I setup my new beloved Xbox Minecraft Controller, it somehow refuses to acknowledge that I might want to use another controller, so while trying to play Injustice earlier this afternoon using my Xbox One S Controller, the Xbox 360 Emulator kept failing to recognise my existence, and booted me back to Level Zero. I thought it was a strange glitch, as far as I could tell, I was signed in correctly, and the game card recognised my gamer tag … so what could possibly go wrong. It was with that in mind that I waded into the story campaign of Injustice in pursuit of Level 10.

Look, it didn’t take long. I think the grind to the Level 100 achievement is likely to be a stretch … but for all intents and purposes this is a twenty minute job if you concentrate. And I did – only to be greeted by no achievement unlock symbol when I hit the beloved Level 10.

Not Happy, Jan.

It was incidentally when I started another game up that I found the error. I played some Hexic 2 tonight just to see what it was like, when my wife mentioned that it looked like a fun game and she’d like to give it a try. I told her to grab a controller – the Minecraft one on the charger – and when we signed in, the game immediately recognised the Minecraft controller as my account, even though I’d launched the game and signed in using my One S controller.

Now I’m curious about my Star Wars Battlefront issues.

So, with my wife satisfied with her fix of Hexic 2, I relived my earlier twenty minutes and made my way back through the level grind. Having already had some XP under my belt from last night’s effort, this probably went a ‘bit’ quicker, but it was still a bit of a time sink.

Que Sera, Sera.

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