Injustice: Gods Among Us • Send an opponent through all three Metropolis transitions in one fight • 30G • 7.89% of gamers unlocked this

So, a bit more Injustice this morning – I have another fairly full night planned, which means that I like to get these achievements out of the way fairly early. The problem with Injustice, is that it’s not really toddler-friendly, so then I have to get an achievement in quickly before my four-year old son is awake and wants to sit on the couch with me.

Today’s achievement came from a skim of the achievement list last night. In preparing yesterday’s blog entry, I noticed this one – and having worked out the easy way to defeat opponents using a single match, this seemed easy enough. Long story short, it was. Using my beloved Deathstroke and up against the default Joker (once you’ve selected your player, the CPU opponent goes straight to Joker, hence why he’s feeling my wrath the most lately), it was a simple case of working through the three transitions. A five minute achievement – at best. It’s likely that I could have done this as part of the story mode or one of the S.T.A.R. Labs challenges – or almost any instance where the fight took me to Metropolis, but it was quicker and easier to do it this way – and now it’s done.

The other thing that surprised me about the achievement list is actually how easy it is to score a couple of other gamerscore – one there for changing the picture on your gamercard, another for updating the banner. Essentially 2-3 achievements there ripe for the picking. Or, as I’ve called them before, ‘low-hanging fruit’. I’ve probably got a whole heap of low-hanging fruit now on my backlog that it would have been easier just to earn the achievement when I first discovered them, but I’m going to keep these ones in the back of my mind for the next week or so – there’s almost always a good chance to earn a quick achivement in the morning which free’s up the rest of my day – and these ones are perfect for that.

Tonight, I start season two of Stranger Things. I’m up-to-date with Star Trek: Discovery, have finished the latest season of Black Mirror and am now ready to tick one of the few shows I’m semi-up-to-date with off the list.

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