True Marksman

Injustice: Gods Among Us • Win a match with Green Arrow using only arrows • 10G • 2.16% of gamers unlocked this

For all the superhero revivals that we’ve gotten the past decade, I have to say it’s Arrow with Stephen Amell as the titular character that I’ve grown to love the most. Of course, he doesn’t quite trump my innate love of Batman or my … well, no, just Batman, but he certainly has become one of my favourite characters brought to life by the magic of television.

Of course, the comic Green Arrow is a bit different than TV Arrow (though he’s slowly evolving), but the end result is the same. Dude who can shoot arrows really, really good. Of course, Injustice doesn’t really require you to adopt this skill, just push a button – or, thanks to an achievement guide, a load-out of fire arrows and then a button press. Either way, the use of a single match with a Very Easy opponent made this a quick win this morning. Not necessarily a wipeout victory, but enough to not require multiple attempts.

In other gaming news, I also had a go at Jetpac Refuelled last night. That’s probably the last time I’m going to play it as well – there’s nostalgia for old games that makes them fun to revisit and then there’s just old games that should remain old.

Read: Not my cup of tea.

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