Pop! Pop! Pop!

Adventure Pop • Popped 10000 bubbles in Adventure Mode • 100G • 6.44% of gamers unlocked this

It seems apt that I had both Pop! and Pop! Pop! as achievements on this blog, so when I went for this one this morning, I was fairly convinced that I’d be using this for today’s achievement. I wasn’t having much luck making general level progress on Adventure Pop, and I went back and tried to earn three stars on the first world as well just to see if that could be today’s quick win – but alas, neither was really working for me, but with each attempt at doing something different, I got a little closer each time to popping the magic 10,000 (see how I include a comma, Microsoft? Remember, when you want an Achievement Editor, call me). Sure enough, it took me half an hour (the slog from 94% to 100% completion is actually slower than it sounds), but I got there in the end.

If there was ever a game that was trying to will you to spend a few bucks on microtransactions, Adventure Pop gives it a red hot go. It is very tempting to grab a few crystals just for ‘five more moves’, and let’s be honest – if an achievement hung off it, I’d probably get it. But I don’t have the same affinity for Adventure Pop than I have for, say, Rocket League, so if spending money on frivolous extras doesn’t seem to have any nostalgic or practical purpose, I’m not going to do it.

Elsewhere in the gaming community, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the Overwatch League, and in the absence of a good Australian team, I’ve settled on barracking for Boston Uprising. My reasoning is simple, I love Boston. Love it. If I could live anywhere in the United States, I’m fairly certain it would be New England. It’s like the best bits of gentrified living wrapped up in a progressive mindset, plus it’s a beautiful part of the world … and – the most important thing – they have chowder in just about every pub. And it’s beautiful, beautiful chowder. I logged onto Overwatch this week and grabbed my one free skin for Bastion, and if I could get some sort of consistency about getting into games, then I might spend more money on it – but I’m looking at 3-5 minute waits each time I want a quick game, and, frankly, my attention span isn’t that long.

I’ve also spent some time today watching the Day 2 concerts at PAX South. If I could have the perfect holiday, it would be a trip to Boston to go to PAX East, but in the absence of time and money – a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to a band play the track to Zelda while someone does a speed-run on-screen is my idea of a good weekend.

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