The Bridge • Finish Chapter III • 59G • 24.40% of gamers unlocked this

I love strangely numbered achievements. I really do. Another morning on The Bridge – and I’m fairly sure I’ve passed my furtherest ever point in the challenge, wrapping up an amazingly complex level that required four keys and a few inversions to get through. Sometimes it’s easy just to not push through levels with trial-and-error and just work back from whatever the goal is – the door, the keys, whatever. There’s no penalty for taking levels slow; and in fact, I got another achievement today for completing a level in under a set number of inversions.

Chapter III also means that I’m now into the ‘underground’ of the protagonist’s home, requiring you to invert and manipulate the world a little bit to get where you need to go. It’s a funny little mechanism that prompts you to explore more of the home world than you first planned, but after three chapters of momentum building, you’re kind of ready for it.

I suspect that there’s a bigger story at play here but I’m not entirely sure what it is. Really, I’m just solving puzzles. Perhaps Wikipedia or the internet generally can offer some insight – but for now I’m happy just to keep working away at it … and collecting my odd-numbered achievements as I go.

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