Injustice: Gods Among Us • Perform every character’s supermove • 10G • 7.80% of gamers unlocked this

I really was just planning on grabbing a quick achievement for having a session in Practice Mode in Injustice this morning, but my enthusiasm got away from me and I started experimenting with everyone’s supermove. The temptation to hit those two triggers when you have unlimited power was too much, and so after a lazy twenty minutes I had worked my way through the roster and unlocked this achievement.

It actually, to me, paints a bit of a sad picture about what DC could have had in terms of a cinematic universe. I love how they had Stephen Amell voice Arrow, but even then, he forms part of what is essentially The CW universe, not DC canon. What they have now is just a dogs breakfast, and – despite having the content – certainly nowhere near Marvel’s powerhouse.

Most of the other achievements I have left in Injustice are online ones, and I am fairly certain that community has all but dried up. I’ll pop my head in and see if I can grab them, but I think that will be a late-at-night thing, and probably not going to qualify for a daily achievement unless I’m extremely confident I can get a win in.

Don’t hold your breath – if people are still playing Injustice at this point in the launch cycle, then they’re probably really really good.


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