Big Huge


Rise of Nations: Extended Edition • Win on a Big Huge Map • 10G • 18.56% of gamers unlocked this

I’m probably going to play a bit more Skylanders tonight, because I promised my son – but I felt like I had a brief opportunity to grab a PC achievement today in-between business commitments. I actually just really setup a single match using a ‘big huge’ map with a whole heap of allies vs a single opponent and let the thing take care of itself. It’s probably a bit of a cop-out, but it’s still legitimate, so I’m going to take it. And, as I say, there will probably be quite a few more by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight.


Perhaps what prompted me to venture into today’s game was the announcement that the Age of Empires remaster would be out in February. Finally! I grew up on a healthy diet of AoE … so I’m not sure if the remaster is going to tickle my nostalgia-bones, or whether it will be an underwhelming shock-to-the-system, like so many remasters have been before. For instance, I didn’t really play Rise of Nations until this was remastered and launched on Windows 10, but I can see its appeal. It’s a fun game, that has obviously aged with some mediocrity, so is AoE going to be more-or-less the same thing? I’ll keep the jury out for the time being.


As I say, I didn’t really do anything in this match – simply set it up and let it go … but I did hit some button that seemed to show me the direction of travel? Or line of sight? for the different characters in-play. I’m not sure what this button does or what use it really is to anyone, but I thought it was an interesting anomaly in an otherwise fairly simply game.

7 vs. 1 is always going to favour everyone who sits on the former side of that divide! It won’t be the last time I use this little trick either!


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