No Respect for the Dead

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Episode 2: “Smoke and Mirrors” • 40G • 41.25% of gamers unlocked this

A bit of a return to Bigby Wolf tonight. I can’t believe I’ve only gotten to the end of Episode 2, but it also feels like it’s been a little while as I prioritise other ‘low hanging fruit’ to focus on the games I’m playing at any given time.

It’s kind of a shame that The Wolf Among Us, or any Telltale Game, doesn’t entice you to go back for a second play through. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not inundated with the time and inclination to play an interactive novel again and again, but having finished this on PlayStation, it’s nice to pick up on the little details that you missed the first time you did the story, and knowing the outcome(s) shades your view of particular characters as well.

I probably need to re-focus a bit of time onto Bigby, noting that his sequel is scheduled for 2018 means that I need to step up my game a bit. History tells me that the Telltale Games are often reduced exceptionally fast, but I also detest having things spoiled for me (part of my motivation for getting to Star Wars on the weekend before it left the cinema and I was stuck in spoiler limbo) so I’ve typically bought their games early on. They got a bit crazy with releases for a while there, so I’ve actually got a couple on the back burner, but while I’ve still got these ones to get through, I figure that I can probably risk the odd spoiler.


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