Natural Born Killer

A Walk in the Dark 25_01_2018 10_24_50 AM

A Walk in the Dark • Destroyed 30 dandelions • 10G • 41.59% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more PC gaming today – this time with A Walk in the Dark, which – much like yesterday’s Halo Wars – seems to be running a lot better on my PC than it has done so in the past. Perhaps Microsoft have done some performance tweaks to Windows that have contributed to the improvement – but needless to say, it’s a noticeable boost.

What I didn’t do today is take more screenshots. A Walk in the Dark is a great little puzzler – it requires very little to learn other than left, right, jump and crouch – but with those four combinations, it comes up with some damn hard puzzles to complete, and I’m saying this as a guy who is only up to about Level 17! As a result, I’ve spent more time trying to get to the end of the level instead of finding some great spots to take screenshots – which is my fault only. There’s enough there to keep me occupied without putting on my content creator hat as well.

I think that this is one of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere titles, so I really could be smashing through this on console, but to be honest – now that I have it working with some consistency on PC, I’d like to keep it as a little game that I can turn to when I need a gaming fix on-the-go. I don’t expect that this will be the last time I’ll see this game on my daily challenge, it just won’t be the most regular.

Tomorrow starts my three-day long weekend, so other than working my way steadily through the Diablo III season, I’ve also seen a bunch of my friends chipping away at the Van Helsing (this month’s Games with Gold) achievements, so there’s a not-so-remote possibility that curiosity will get the better of me there as well. The next three days of achievements are going to be a mystery bag … no plans … just pure, unadulterated gaming!


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